Fatherhood According to Me

My Daughter – The Rare Calm and Cool

I am not your typical father, but honestly what father is typical? I would be a stay at home father if my daughter stayed at home with me, but she can’t. I can’t take care of her. I can barely take care of me.

Collected here are a few articles of mine that give you a bit of insight into my stumbling, bumbling attempt at fatherhood.

Feel free to give advice, concerns and opinions, but I ask that you please do not outright put me down. I am a sensitive f*ck.

The Father I Wish I Was

Sleepless in Toddlerville

Another Night Succumbing to the Demands of a Two-Year Old

A Day At The Zoo And A Toddler’s First Hike

It Was Difficult For Daddy, But Even More So For Mommy

The Day Of The Twenty-Four Month Doctor Appointment

The First Night In The Second Level Of Parent Hell

I Was A Genius For Five Hours or I Only Got An Hour Of Sleep

Parental Love – I Expected It To Be Different Than What It Is

A Day Of Family Fun With Hiking, Waterfalls And Caves

Some Of The Many Lies We Tell Our Children

Positive Or Negative Reinforcement – What Works Best

No Sweetheart, That’s An Adult Word

Two Nights Without Mommy And Daddy

My Day With My Daughter

A Kiss On The Lips And An “I Love You”

Scared Of Missing Out On Her Firsts




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