Here we are again:
you down on your knees
begging me, “Please
let me please you” again.

And I can’t look into your eyes
and tell you no anymore.
I know I’m the cause
behind all of your sores
and I can’t tell you that
I’m sorry without crying
and you know I don’t cry,
not in front of you anyway.

So girl please please me
just let me see me
inside of you
and I will never
have to cry

Long stares
and unhealthy glares
lead us to display our wares
in a manner that is ungraceful
for anyone who was raised
how you and I were raised

So instead of staring,
glaring and over sharing
just please me
how you want to
and forget about
the world
and forever.

Forget about so much
that you forget yourself
and you forget me
and all that remains is us
together, pleased, happy
and pleasured.


Giving In To Give Up

She was carefree
and running barefoot
through Devou
when the pansy
fell from her hair.

Gunshots were so close
that my ears were ringing.

Bending down
and picking up
the yellow flower,
she saw me
watching her.

I turned to see what I heard
and missed what I needed to see.

With a smile
that was meant
for me,
she tried to meet
my eyes.

The shot was meant for me and how
I wish it would have hit its mark.

Crimson soiled her
and her knees hit grass
and her smiled faded
and she looked

I rushed to her side to stop the ebb,
but her outstretched hand stopped me.

“I will gladly take a bullet
for the man with love in his eyes
for a woman he had only seen once
for love at first sight
only happens when
we let go and
let another in
with trust
and without