Here we are again:
you down on your knees
begging me, “Please
let me please you” again.

And I can’t look into your eyes
and tell you no anymore.
I know I’m the cause
behind all of your sores
and I can’t tell you that
I’m sorry without crying
and you know I don’t cry,
not in front of you anyway.

So girl please please me
just let me see me
inside of you
and I will never
have to cry

Long stares
and unhealthy glares
lead us to display our wares
in a manner that is ungraceful
for anyone who was raised
how you and I were raised

So instead of staring,
glaring and over sharing
just please me
how you want to
and forget about
the world
and forever.

Forget about so much
that you forget yourself
and you forget me
and all that remains is us
together, pleased, happy
and pleasured.


I Lost You

An impression
is all that remains
of where you once were,
sheets the same
as you left them
as I haven’t slept
since you left me.

I pray to a god
that I don’t believe in
for you to return,
but you will never
be in my bed
or in my arms again.

Tears roll down
and they coalesce
with all the rest
as we watch
you being lowered
and I realize
that the hole
is your bed now
and the silk
is where your
impression will lie

without me
until I find the courage
to join you
in the dark.

Do I Really Have To Say It

Snorting this line,
as the particles
fly up the straw
and into my nostrils,
I find myself reeling,
as expected, and thinking of you …

I remember the times
I ate so much acid
that you would say a little prayer
(thought I didn’t know, didn’t you,
well I did, every time).
And then you would
make it rain white powder
that shared your name.
And, Molly, when we would
find that perfect balance
of trippin’ balls and rubbin’ walls,
time would stop.
with your skin against mine.

But as the initial rush dies
you leave my headspace,
there’s no room for you there anymore
because right about NOW
is when the demons attack
and they come from everywhere
wearing the face
of no one and everyone,
visually fucking me up
like I , once again,
filled my mouth with gel caps.
And the auditory assault
from some of the visions
and from nowhere
are almost enough
to make my ears bleed.

And I start crying.
And I realize
I haven’t bumped that line yet
and all this shit
is just who I am now
because … because …

The Many, The Downcast, The Children

(The Few, The Proud, The Marines)

In the land of the free and the home of the brave
sat a young man locked in his room so full of hate.

He wanted to know how anything could ever be okay
ever since his daddy died and his momma flaked.

It used to be games of planes, trains, trucks and guns,
but then his daddy left to play with sand, fleas and bombs.

His momma used to say, “Daddy’s havin’ so much fun”
when in reality it was momma’s fun that had just begun.

There came a nonstop barrage of new men
and then he was locked up in his room again

hearin’ all those moans, screams and cries
knowin’ then that his momma’s words were lies.

When the day finally came, they told him daddy died
and reality finally became everything he had denied.

Now, years later, with a new man on the throne
he found that pistol daddy had made his own.

Mamma never noticed a single day in his life
and new daddy barely noticed the loss of his wife.

Take My Tongue For A Ride

I wonder what
it would be like
to wander over
every inch of you
with first my eyes,
then my hands
and then with the
tip of my tongue.

Gradually tracing
the lines and curves
that your body
has to offer,

a roller coaster
of flesh
that takes
every part of me
for a wild ride
that I have trouble
staying in my seat for

as I want to experience
every lift, drop
and screw.


If I had to choose one side of me for you to see it would not be the ugly side of me; the side of me that most of the world does see, but for you to see me as me would please me and you would see a me that is more than what the world sees, you would see a caring, loving me that I save for you and me if there could be a you and me.