Another Birthday Gone

September 6th was my birthday. It was a day that I would have rather slept through. A total of 8 people wished me happy birthday and one of them was not my son. I had to take the dog we just adopted to a rescue because my chiwawa mix (Beverly) was vomiting on herself, peeing on the floor, refusing to move, shaking and had been tossed around a bit by the dog who was an English Mastiff. A big dog was not a bad idea, a HUGE dog was a horrible idea. My wife and mother-in-law hate me, if only temporarily, for getting rid of the dog, but I really had no choice as I could not put my Beverly in any more danger. I cleaned the couch to get rid of the big dog’s smell and I made dinner. I took care of my daughter so my wife could work and I got no time to myself. My wife did not even wish me a happy birthday until after 5pm. She did say that we could observe my birthday some other day, but it was my birthday and it seemed like everyone just forgot and didn’t care which makes me think they didn’t care about me. I don’t want a party I just want a little “happy birthday” form those that are supposed to love me and be my friends. My family even fell short, but I stopped counting on them years ago.

Another day, another year, another disappointment.


House Hunting Fail

Short, but to the point.

We have been hunting for houses. We found one we liked and put in an offer, after several counters that had us paying $5,000 over their asking price we signed the contract.

The next step was an inspection. Routine. Formality. Disaster.

We read the report and talked to the inspectors. $35,000 was the hole we would be in. New furnace, New roof, New AC unit, New chimney, oh, and rewiring the house. Not to mention tearing down the deck and rebuilding one because it is the only entrance to the back yard for our daughter and dogs.

So we walked away from the house. Now we have no house. Now we may be screwed as far as our living situation is concerned. If we stay where we are our month to month premium is almost $300 more than what we pay now and we cannot comfortably afford that. Our house payment was going to be less than our rent and that was one of the many things we were looking for.

BUT my wife has come through. She has another house she wants. We already looked at it and she wants to make an offer. Hopefully they will do that this weekend and hopefully the inspection will come back quite a bit better.

Send positive thoughts, pray, write a note and burn it, light a candle, whatever. Just think of us in this time, please.

Nothing To See Here

Not much going on in my head right now. Not that I have room to rent or anything, just what is going on is either not worth writing about or I am choosing not to write about it (more of the second, less of the first).

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, for those in my country, and I am sure something will happen over those 3-4 days that will give me something to share.

I also have an anniversary (my 5th) coming up and I will talk about that at a later date as well (closer to the actual day).

My wife is well. We are still married (thankfully – it was touch and go for a while). My daughter is 2 which means she is hell of two short legs. The dogs play too rough and bark at everything, waking my entire building up.

Family Camping Trip Failure Leads To Mommy Blacking Out

My two year old daughter’s first camping trip started after her soccer practice on Friday evening. The tent was up before full dark and we were in decent spirits … until she realized she was going to have to sleep in tent. Not in her bed. On her own air mattress. Not in mommy and daddy’s bed. Without her music. Not in the climate controlled luxury of a home.

She finally passed out around midnight on my wife’s arm as we flitted in and out of sleep. She was being pinned in place and I was fighting to not fall off the mattress. I should have gone to my daughter’s mattress, but I refuse to sleep with an animal in my bed and the dog was occupying my daughter mattress.

We tried to recover in the morning, but as the cloud of condensation poured out of my mouth I realized that I packed nothing for weather below 65 and sunny. A morning trip to Walmart for clothes and McDonalds for a quick breakfast as it was nearing 8:30 am after the leaving the store and would be too late to get breakfast cooked by the time we got back.

We got back and the demon came out. She demanded that we go hiking so it wasn’t all bad, but as we had to drive to the trail because the one off the campsite was not suitable for a two year old, she screamed the whole way that she wanted to “GO HIKINIG NOW”.

Hiking started out marvelously.

On her own to start the hike

Getting a little help from mommy up the first hill.

This was the las happy face until it was all over.

The remainder of the hiking consisted of standing still and being carried, along with crying, hitting, kicking the dog, and butt busting. We cut the hike in half and went back to the campsite.

While we were relaxing my perfect angel poured an entire can of soda in the tent, threw the dogs water and food, kicked the dog again, went on a general rampage to the point that I finally said enough and started packing things up as my wife cleaned and helped me tear down. The first camping trip was over. It did not look like there would be another one.

I called and begged my mother-in-law to take our daughter overnight so that we wouldn’t go further out of our minds and she (thankfully) agreed. When we dropped her off I realized that I forgot to give my daughter her nighttime blankets and buddies which could have been one of the reasons for no sleep and we also found out she is cutting her lower rear molars. All of that added up lead us to believe that we could probably try camping again under different circumstances and if we took her brother to keep her busy (and out of our hair).

We headed home and contemplated climbing in bed and not getting out until morning even though it was only 3:30 pm.

We should have.

Instead we decided that we were going to go home and drink a little while we watched a movie which, somehow, turned into, “Let’s buy a bottle of rum and play a movie drinking game”.

Watching The Hangover (a great comedy) and taking a shot every time someone says “Doug” is impossible. I remember making it 32 minutes into the movie and that is only because we were laughing and missed some Doug’s.

I woke up with a horrible headache at 9 am. I freaked out as we had to have our daughter picked up at 11 am. I rolled over to wake up my wife and when I touched her I smelled it. She had vomited in her sleep. She warned me not to come near her as she woke up in it at some point and apparently rolled it up in the sheets (which are being thrown out) and passed back out.

She was lucky that she wasn’t sleeping on her back or she would have choked to death as she was not sleeping, she was passed the ‘f’ out.

Sad part? Probably the best night I have had in years and even thought it took me until 3 or 4 pm to recover enough to not vomit every time I moved, I know I would do it over given the chance and I plan on doing it again. The next time we will wait until the guys get to Vegas to start drinking and instead of slamming shots we will drink mixed drinks and beer, adding a few rules of our own.

So now the house is a mess. Our daughter is asleep after being drugged with teething tablets and Tylenol. My wife is asleep on clean sheets, covered with a clean comforter. My week looks atrocious as I will be struggling to find a way to get back into a routine. And we all feel like we were in the back of a box truck rolling down the side of a mountain.

  • Camping with a cranky toddler – bad.
  • Drinking with your wife – good.
  • Drinking until you blackout – bad.
  • Smiling at the end of the day because you realize the love that exists in your familiy is strong, deep and real – wonderful.

How was your weekend?

New Addition


Beverly was a stray that was found in an alley. I found her at a shelter who was getting ready to “get rid of her” due to her age (7yrs). I fell in love at first lick. She is my Bev and no one is going to take her from me. I think she will help me find a piece of sanity as she is now a piece of our family and she seems to love me unconditionally and since she is willing to spend all day with me while being only moderately needy I am sure I can handle her. I just hope she can handle me.

If you are wondering, she is a chiwawa mix and I love every part of her. She is good with my daughter and is coping with my wife’s dog. She is a bit food aggressive, but that will ease over time – if not we will deal with it. My office is her room and she seems happy with that. She seems to like to listen to music as she falls asleep.

I can’t wait to take her hiking and camping. She has an abnormal amount of energy for a dog her age.

Do you have a furry partner who looks at you with undying love?