I Wanted To Share This

This is a true story.

The Accident

The sky was never bright.
It remained a dull grey
and it was expected to rain.
But for some reason
it held off all day
and stayed cool and dry
with a heavy dose of humidity
hanging in the air.

While the sun was still sinking
and the moon was quickly rising
(you could already see it in the sky)
the rain chose then to fall
on the barely lit pavement
where it formed puddles and slick spots.

While texting, Darla hit one of those –
the slick spots –
and careened into a 1998 Ford Escort, blue.

In that battered blue Escort
was a young man
over the speed limit
and not watching
the road
his girlfriend
was giving birth in the backseat.

The flashing lights in the darkness
give the occasional outline of a shaking head.

The rain has stopped and the sirens are turned off.
The road is closed and a sound cannot be heard

until there was a newborn’s cry
from the back of the bus.

Baby Faith is alive,
but Darla took her parents away.


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