House Hunting Fail

Short, but to the point.

We have been hunting for houses. We found one we liked and put in an offer, after several counters that had us paying $5,000 over their asking price we signed the contract.

The next step was an inspection. Routine. Formality. Disaster.

We read the report and talked to the inspectors. $35,000 was the hole we would be in. New furnace, New roof, New AC unit, New chimney, oh, and rewiring the house. Not to mention tearing down the deck and rebuilding one because it is the only entrance to the back yard for our daughter and dogs.

So we walked away from the house. Now we have no house. Now we may be screwed as far as our living situation is concerned. If we stay where we are our month to month premium is almost $300 more than what we pay now and we cannot comfortably afford that. Our house payment was going to be less than our rent and that was one of the many things we were looking for.

BUT my wife has come through. She has another house she wants. We already looked at it and she wants to make an offer. Hopefully they will do that this weekend and hopefully the inspection will come back quite a bit better.

Send positive thoughts, pray, write a note and burn it, light a candle, whatever. Just think of us in this time, please.


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