A Poem

Hold Me

I never think
of me in your bed,
but I always think
of me in your arms.

I never know what
you are going to say,
but I always want
you to say it to me.

I came in
just to see
your eyes light up
and I stayed to hear
your voice touch my ears.

I never expect
anything from you,
but I always want
just a little bit more.

Just a little
more of you
to go with
a little bit of me
and a just
a little request:
hold me.

I didn’t expect
to even touch you,
but I wished
I could feel you
beside me.

I talked to hear
my own voice
in the silence
and I was shocked
to hear yours
answer me.

I glanced
in your direction
to see your reaction
and I was floored
when I saw
you looking back.

I closed in for a
simple embrace
and I found your arms
wrapped tightly
around me

And when
you’re around me
I seem to lose
my ability
to stand
on my own,
so I ask:
hold me.


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