Dealing With Change

Life, as we all know, is nothing but change. However, some of us have difficulty dealing with change. When you are single and without children you really only HAVE to deal with your changes and you think your life will end when you finally cave to those changes.

When you find a significant other you have to deal with their changes if you want the relationship to work and most of the time, even though you tell them, they don’t understand that change, any change, is very difficult.

Now that’s two lives who’s changes affect you. Add kids to the mix and not only are their changes included, but their changes are, somewhat, governed by you so you have to force change in your own life so they can continue in theirs.

From bottle to food. From crib to bed. From diapers to underwear. From home to daycare. From daycare to school. And all the major and minor one in there as well.

We currently live in an apartment. Have since our little family started. We are looking to buy a house VERY soon. This is one of the biggest changes in my life, I am finding out. It means, to me, a beginning of a settled life and it scares the hell out of me.

The other bad part about change is my moods and I am sure I am not alone. As the change rolls around in my mind I get more and more depressed and sullen, even angry at times, but when I concede to it, if I concede to it, mania kicks in – hard.

I try to calm myself down. I try to get in my routines. I try to not think of only me, but it is all so hard. My mind cannot fairly fight itself and that is what is happening.

I have no advice. I have only complaints. I have only a war inside my head and a time where I try not to piss off my wife more than usual. Oh, and I try not to deal with money much (there is a little advice in there).


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