It has been nearly seven days since we were broken in to and my pain medications were stolen. My psych meds were easily replaced, but the pain meds could not be. I went through a abbreviated withdraw (not my first square dance) and then a sense of … I don’t know came over me and has continued to get stronger.

My hearing is more attuned. My eye sight is better. My sense of smell is otherworldly. I have a huge appetite – whereas before I had none, sending my metabolism plummeting down to nothing. I am happier, hell I’m actually happy at times.

There are a ton of downsides however. I am in tears most of the day from the pain, even though I am smiling most of the time. My paranoia is not the worst its been, but I have considered going back to the lumber store for plywood (I have nails and a hammer). My sense of security is pretty much shot to the point that I have to sleep with a light on now.

The assholes did me a favor by pushing me off that junk, but they took so much more than an addiction.


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