Big Girl Bed Jubilee

9:40 pm


At 7:15 pm my daughter saw that I put together her princess big girl bed and the baby bed (crib) was gone (broke down and in the closet). At 8:12 pm, after our routine of Big Bang Theory, brushing teeth and saying goodnight to the Mickeys that hang on her wall, she was snuggled up in it. At 8:12.25 pm she was screaming, BUT not getting out of bed.

It was only 3 minutes later that she demanded that we go cover her up. With her Minnie and Monkey on one side and Lovey and Duckie on the other, we gently laid the sheet, comforter, Blanket 1 and Blanket 2 over her.

We didn’t hear another peep until a little after 6:15 am when I heard her shaking the metal dog gate at the end of the hallway.

We are pleased with the results, very pleased. Now to just hope it goes at least as well tonight and every night thereafter.


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