Text Speak–This Parent’s Take (Part 1)

Texting, instant messaging, even emailing and speaking. Are you as tired of the age at which all of this begins to affect our youth today as I am?

I would like to say that my children are too young to have a cell phone, let alone be texting, but I can’t. I have seen and heard of children as young as five with cell phones that have and utilize texting capabilities. As I have said before and will always say, each parent should be able to do as they wish with their child to some degree – regretfully the majority of the human race does not have the common sense required to transition through the stages of their own lives, let alone assist someone else in doing so.

I am not against cell phone use in minors; as a matter of fact I am strongly for it – with limitations and restrictions. I have heard about phones that only have the option of receiving calls and ones that can only call the numbers programmed into them by a parent. I would like to see a phone with a couple buttons on it. Emergency (which would require a switchboard as to deflect “accidental” calls), parent 1, parent 2, other and receive. The parent would be able to program the numbers in and then lock the phone so that it cannot be changed. They could also program numbers into the phone so that the phone can only receive calls from those numbers. The issue I see arising with that is if the parent/guardian needs to reach the child from a line that is not programmed in (lost cell phone, not at home or work, etc.). Someone should work on that project. But NO TEXT CAPABILITIES!

Regretfully the “text speak” that I am going to refer to is not just in use in text messaging, but plaguing the internet and encouraged by certain social media websites. It has even bled into physical speech. Lol is a recognized word by Webster’s. I have personally heard that as well as several acronyms thrown into casual speech. Some say we are forming a new language. I say this is just another version of slang. Media Slang. It would not be an issue if children, preteens, teens and young adults (from 5 to early 20’s) were well versed in their native language. This new slang is breaking down not only the English language, but other languages as well. Sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and many others are or have already fallen by the wayside. From early on (spellcheck) to now (Media Slang) we have been removing knowledge from the children who grow up to be adults who have children of their own and teach them what they (don’t) know.

As humans we are constantly looking for shortcuts and have been doing so since the beginning of mankind.

(Continued in Part 2 – Would enjoying hearing your personal experiences as well as your feelings on the issue)

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One thought on “Text Speak–This Parent’s Take (Part 1)

  1. I was once told robots will replace humans…..I see that happening every day and the way we talk online and through texting is all due to “robots’ so yes…..I agree with you. Something needs to be done. Not to mention, it’s typically the parents’ paying for their children’s usage of those phones. A luxury, not a necessity.

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