New Addition


Beverly was a stray that was found in an alley. I found her at a shelter who was getting ready to “get rid of her” due to her age (7yrs). I fell in love at first lick. She is my Bev and no one is going to take her from me. I think she will help me find a piece of sanity as she is now a piece of our family and she seems to love me unconditionally and since she is willing to spend all day with me while being only moderately needy I am sure I can handle her. I just hope she can handle me.

If you are wondering, she is a chiwawa mix and I love every part of her. She is good with my daughter and is coping with my wife’s dog. She is a bit food aggressive, but that will ease over time – if not we will deal with it. My office is her room and she seems happy with that. She seems to like to listen to music as she falls asleep.

I can’t wait to take her hiking and camping. She has an abnormal amount of energy for a dog her age.

Do you have a furry partner who looks at you with undying love?


4 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Oh yes, I have my Sasha, plus two exraordinalry kittys. Animals are very “healing creatures” and wonderful companions. I live alone and they are just like living with a big family! So glad you rescued her from the shelter! You’re my friend for life!

    • Thank you. I actually swore to myself and my wife that we would have no more pets until we were out of an apartment, but I caved when I saw her. My wife convinced me to hit the shelters and I am glad I gave in for once.

  2. Oh yes! I call my Buddy (he’s a springer spaniel) my therapy dog. He knows me better then I know myself some days! So happy you have a new addition. Pets can be so soothing and calming for us. If she continues to be aggressive, you could always try feeding her in a seperate room by herself so she doesn’t feel the need to protect what is her’s. Just an idea 🙂

    • I am feeding her separately right now, but I really appreciate the tip. Hopefully Beverly and I will be the best of friends. 🙂

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