Should I Force My Faith Structure On My Children Like Most Major Religions Do

I am not Christian. I am not Jewish, I am not Islamic and I am not of the Bahá’í Faith. I do not practice dharma and karma. I am not a member of the Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism faiths. I do not follow the traditions of Asian Shamanism, the Native American religions, the Austronesians or Australian Aboriginals.I do not follow those of the newer Scientology belief. I do not follow any known religion or faith structure that I know of (and there are many more than I have listed here). That is not to say I think the people who believe in these things are wrong, nor do I believe that what I believe is the end all. There are central beliefs in almost all of them. In my belief structure there are no tenants or commandments or the like.

Most of these religions and faith structures teach their children from a young age that what they believe is the true belief. I believe that is taking away a right every human should have (no matter your nationality or belief): freedom. You are forcing something that may not be the truth on extremely susceptible minds and you are doing it on purpose. How exactly is that a good thing?

I believe my child should not be indoctrinated at all. She is allowed to go to church or what have you with relatives as long as they don’t try to get her to believe that what they believe is the truth. And when she is od enough I will teach her as much as I know about the world’s religions and faith structures and she can make her own decisions, rolling from one to the other until she finds what is right for her.

My belief is convoluted, but the brief version is that there is a central energy source and from that source we are created. Everything is made of energy and if we believe/focus hard enough we can manipulate that energy. When we die we return to the source and are redistributed to new lives. There is obviously more to it, but that is the digest version.

I will never tell my children what to believe, but I do believe it is okay to teach them everything with an emphasis on one belief system in particular.

Religion will be back in my posts, trust me.


5 thoughts on “Should I Force My Faith Structure On My Children Like Most Major Religions Do

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  2. I have been following your posts for some time. My husband is bi-polar and fought schizophrenic tendencies for years (I don’t know how to put that, I don’t think he has full-blown schizophrenia, but he has some similar symptoms and has been diagnosed as “partially schizophrenic.” Anyways, I love what you are doing and I really enjoy reading your posts. We are religious (christian) but we have similar concerns. I was raised very “this way or the highway” but I think it’s important for kids to ask questions, even if they are tough questions that we adults don’t want to think about. We will try to raise our son (who is 22 months old) to seek out the truth – we will hope that it is the same as the “truth” we believe in, but if he doesn’t agree with us – even at a young age – I think it’s important that we give him that space to feel and believe. Religion that is forced is not real faith.

    • I love the fact that you have decided to remain open minded with your child. That is more than admirable. If your husband would ever like to talk about whatever is on his mind just tell him to email me. It is on the “Madness” page.

      • Thanks. I have told him about your blog – he’s not really into blogs, but I have read a few parts of your blog to him.

        And as far as the open minded thing – gosh, I’ve seen it go bad when people are not open minded…. seems much smarter to let them explore faith from a young age. I think faith of some kind is important to almost all people, but forcing yours onto someone I think would backfire more often than not. Anyways – keep writing, I always enjoy hearing from you!

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