No Sweetheart, That’s An Adult Word

There are a few inappropriate words in this post.

To me, ‘god damn’ it is not a bad series of words, but to my wife’s aunt (who watches our daughter and is a Southern Baptist) it is. So we cater to her and do our best not to say it in front of our lovely daughter who repeats everything she hears – like every toddler. The other day she stubbed her to and said god damn it that hurt. I smacked my forehead and said the first thing that came to mind:

You can’t say those words sweetheart. They’re adult words.

I got a sideways look and I took a minute to explain that mommy and daddy were adults and she was a kid. She kind of understood it, but it didn’t stick. I over-explain and I am trying to work on that.

The first time she dropped the F-bomb we were eating dinner and she spilled ranch on her dress. Mommy and I stopped eating and tried hard, without success to not laugh. Through my stifled giggling I again told her:

No sweetheart, that’s an adult word.

Again she was confused but I think it sunk in – for that brief moment. She still wanted to know what was the difference between and ‘adult’ and a ‘kid’ and I was trying to figure out what to tell her without over-explaining. It was more difficult than one might think.

Did I mention we were at Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family?

For the most part our princess does not have a potty mouth, but when she hears an inappropriate word slip from mommy or daddy’s lips that is the first thing and the only thing to come out of her mouth for quite a while. We both understand that we need to watch our mouth and I believe I am a bit more successful as I was raised not to say certain words whereas my wife was raised in a ‘heathen’ home and those words were just as common as ‘milk’.

I do no believe in indoctrinating your children into a religion when they have no choice and no ability to choose, but it has been shown that those with a religious upbringing of any kind are more polite individuals than those without. That only means we are going to strive to make us not number in the majority.

I know we are not the only ones who have issues with children and ‘adult words’, so it gives my some solace that there are hundred of thousands, if not millions of people out there grinding their teeth and hiding a giggle as there child says:

Fuck my damn finger got caught in the door. That shit really hurts.


2 thoughts on “No Sweetheart, That’s An Adult Word

  1. I can’t sympathize with you here. We don’t drop the F, A, H , P or whatever else bombs there are. My wife will say ‘sh__’ once in a while; but I can hit my hand w/ a hammer (accidentally) and yell, ‘Oh Lord God help, oh man, confoundit, daggone’. That’s pretty much word for word. You see, I don’t just claim to b Christian because that’s the expecyed belief; I claim and do live the Christian life. It’s not easy, but not that hard either. I would not know what to do without Jesus Christ in my life, personally. A personal relationship with Jesus is what I have and have to ask forgiveness a good deal, but as long as HE is first and foremost in my life (above all and everyone else) I get along pretty well. AND I’m disabled too from a back injury.
    By the way, who did you give thanks to on Thanksgiving Day? My folks and family always have me say the blessings because no one else knows how to pray; except my wife and her prayer life is private. Give Jesus a try. He loves you, died on that cross to cover all our sins, and would welcome you into God’s family. In the mean time, I’ll be praying for you.
    Capn Richard

    • I appreciate your reply and commend you on your beliefs. It is better to believe in something than in nothing. It is shown that those that have some form of belief live a longer happier life than those that don’t. Christianity is like being a drug addict: you crave it when you are away from it, you think you can’t live without it, it is the only thing that is real, and once a drug addict (Christian) always a drug addict (Christian). I am recovering from both.

      As far as Thanksgiving, like Christmas and Easter, my immediate family does not celebrate them. My extended family does and therefore we submit our daughter to their shenanigans, explaining to a 2 year old that it is not what mommy and daddy believe. We want her to make her own decisions when sh is ready, but understand ours will greatly influence her and there is nothing we can do about it (we are not going to pretend to believe something we don’t).

      My beliefs and my wife’s beliefs are not the same. She is still not sure what her beliefs are, but she is only in her late twenties so I encourage her to believe in something, but do not pressure as to what to believe in.

      In a forthcoming post I will describing my belief system. I hope you will read it and understand why I believe what I believe.

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