Arousal And Mania

By definition Mania is a state of arousal (arousal is to stir to action or strong response or to excite). While everything is open to debate, that is pretty concrete. But is sexual arousal/excitement related to mania or vice versa?

a preoccupation with thoughts and schemes that may lead to self neglect.

Sounds like two-thirds of my past relationships and nine-tenths of my sexual encounters. I have asked others and this is just not the always the case. So, my questions is and remains, is it just me or is it related to my illness?

In Bipolar-Disorder states of Mania and Depression flip-flop in random sequences that last for varying lengths of time. In Schizophrenia Mania is something that is either constant or it comes and goes along with the rest of the symptoms; in my case it comes and goes – similar to the hallucinations.

When I get even the least bit sexually aroused my brain melts away and I do what many people would consider behavior that is not only out of character, but a touch crazy. I do not turn into some primal animal searching to relieve the urge I have to procreate like some humans and many other sentient beings, but, instead, I am wildly extroverted and lack any form of common sense. I also am not exhibiting any rage (well maybe a bit) or irritability (okay, I’m lying). This sounds like the epitome of Mania. However, it disappears as soon as I have an orgasm and I feel as sense of shame most of the time; another sign of my Mania in the past.

So, after four years of debating my situation and consulting with mental health professionals, I believe that my sexual arousal induced mania is associated with my schizophrenia, but, like all illnesses (especially illness of the mental health nature), each case is different and not all or any other cases may exhibit this symptom.

Not very definitive, is it? I am not a professional. I was nearly declared legally insane (before the charge was thrown out). I have a severe mental illness that is highly unpredictable. I am desperate for attention. I am over-sharing. I am done.


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