I Was A Genius For Five Hours or I Only Got An Hour Of Sleep

I was a genius until 1 am.

Thursday I burned a CD of me singing the songs that I have sang to my daughter as she fell asleep for the last six months and some change. That night we continued to attempt to allow her to go to sleep without the aid of her mother or me. I had been told that it was okay to play music while she was sleeping so I figured me singing was music and therefore counted. We put a boom-box in her room and the CD in the deck. When it was time to go to sleep my wife and I carried her into her room and hit play. I motioned to the CD player and told my tired little girl that daddy was still singing to her and she should listen to it and go to sleep. We gave her kisses and told her we loved her very much. I laid her in bed and we left the room. When I closed the door she started to cry so I opened it and reassured her. She whined, asking me to leave the door open. I left it open a crack and told her I loved her through the door. No more crying. I checked on her fifteen minutes later and she was out cold. It had worked. I was a freaking genius.

Until 1:16 am.

One of my many medications makes it difficult to fall asleep so even though I laid down at 10:00 pm, I did start to fall asleep until 1 or 1:15 am. Just as sleep was starting to pull me under I jumped halfway to the ceiling as my daughter’s unexpected cries came pouring out of the monitor (sleep total: 0 minutes). Beside me my wife sighed heavily, but neither of us got up right away – we wanted to see if she put herself back down. After five minutes I had had enough. I got up as my wife said, what do you want me to do? I told her that I had control of the situation and went to our daughter’s room. She was crying for mommy, but, like a chump, I went in the room anyway. In a whiny voice she asked if I was mommy as she apparently couldn’t see very well in the dark. I told her it was daddy and she was quiet. I went over to give her a kiss and hug and lay her back down as I told her to listen to daddy sing to her. She didn’t whine, just rolled over and went back to sleep. That was too easy, but I would take it. With relief I went back to bed and tossed and turned until 2:45 am or so.

2:56 am, after 10 minutes of sleep (sleep total: 10 minutes), the ‘nails on the chalkboard’ sound came blaring out of the monitor once again. I slid out of bed, trying not to wake the wife, threw on my robe and repeated the process that worked the last time. I had to leave the door a little more ajar, but silence ensued. Climbing back into bed I passed out not long after, but was quickly woken up at 3:15 am. Maybe 5 minutes of sleep, maybe (sleep total: 15 minutes).

I turned off the monitor and made sure my wife was not woken as she needed sleep, luckily I was not falling apart at the seams even though normally, after being awake that long, I would be a quivering, quaking mess. Tiptoeing out of the room I, once again, repeated the process, leaving the door even further open, and waiting until the crying stopped to head back to bed.

We have a Tempurpedic bed that allowed me to get in bed without making a sound and the wife’s side of the bed was undisturbed. I laid down, fully awake, and watched a movie on my phone.a little after 5:00 am my movie was over and I made my way out to to my office where I checked all of my email accounts, read twitter, browsed Facebook and surfed the net. I climbed back into bed around 5:30 am and passed right out.

I was woken up by my wife at 6:35 am (sleep total: 1 hour and 10 minutes) and as I drug my flaccid mind out of REM sleep I heard the familiar cries of my lovely little lady. I slid into my robe and out of bed to help the mother of my child get that child ready for the day.

I was up for the day. I can rarely sleep past 7:00 am and I was still getting my darling daughter ready at that point. They left for the babysitter and work and I laid on the couch watching the news until I got up and started doing my daily routine.

Tonight we are going to repeat exactly what we did last night. Hopefully she sleeps more than last night and it continues to get better.


3 thoughts on “I Was A Genius For Five Hours or I Only Got An Hour Of Sleep

  1. I get little sleep but I can’t imagine getting so little as you’ve described, other than it being a little short of torturous at times.

    I’ve only just started following your blog so haven’t read lots of your history but am curious whether any alternative therapies have ever helped..

    Sending you well-wishing, Elisa

    • Not sure what alternative therapies you are referring to, but – as far as sleep is concerned – I only have a few options. Pharmaceutical Sleeping aids interfere with the anti-psychotics and other medications. I have a routine and I keep a light and journal by my bed to let thoughts not mosh around in my head. As far as my daughter is concerned, we are trying everything we can think of and have been told of, but I am always open to more suggestions on any front. None of us are without the need of assistance some of the time – at the very least.

      • I just wondered if you’d encountered homeopathy, chi kung or naturopathy etc.. Not saying anything’s an instant route to sleep-dom, but homeopathy really has been key in helping me with balance on different levels (I think recommendations to an experienced homeopath though would be wise).

        I’m also having emdr in therapy to help with balance & removing some traumatic triggers. For me, having a semi-low GI diet also seems to help keep things in balance.

        Just throwing these out there as suggestions, because they’ve been helping me. I’d suggest you can only tell if they’d be beneficial to you through your own experiencing of them. 🙂

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